Details On Final Fantasy XV Day One ‘Crown Update’

Posted on by Ryan


Square Enix have released details on the day one ‘Crown Update’ patch for their highly anticipated game Final Fantasy XV. Some of the updates include the following..

  • Camera improvement, making action easier to follow when in a narrow location.
  • An ability tree added to the “Wait Mode” feature, improving the strategic element of this feature.
  • A “Monster Flute” that allows you to summon monsters.
  • Scenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the “Omen” trailer added to the game as new event scenes.
  • Additional recipes, fish, and a gallery to offer even further enjoyment to players who like collecting items.
  • The ability to upload the pictures Prompto takes to Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata released the following statement..

The November 29 release is approaching. I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone will be able to enjoy this game with a fresh feeling. However, we have confirmed there has been early distribution of the packaged version in some areas, and that gameplay videos have leaked to the Internet. Such things may be impossible to avoid due to various regional circumstances, but we regret it very much.

To have players enjoy the story of Final Fantasy XV and discover its surprises together through a simultaneous worldwide launch is our big goal. Because we may be unable to anticipate the spoiler videos and such that appear as a result of this, we hope that everyone looking forward to Final Fantasy XV can be very careful.

We are also doing our best to prevent the circulation of leaked videos. To those who received the game early, please be considerate to those looking forward to the official release of this title. Please understand and work together in order to meet the game’s final release date with everyone.

Final Fantasy XV will release on November 29 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.