Demo 0.2 Guild Of The Small Released

Posted on by Ryan


Elite Four James have released a demo of their upcoming hack-and-slash third-person RPG Guild of the Small. This demo is known as 0.2 and the demo right now only supports a gamepad and not a mouse and keyboard due to time restraints.

You can view an overview of the demo and the trailer down below..


  • Co-op couch multiplayer for 1 – 4 players simultaneously on gamepads.
  • Items to collect and customize your characters.
  • Three levels to explore and an overworld.
  • Six skill trees unlocked to test out.
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Fighting
    • Defense
    • Stealth
  • Two different enemies in every level.
  • Collect coins and Elemental Materials as you traverse the worlds.

Known Issues

  • Input
    • Mouse/Keyboard play is not currently supported in this demo.
  • Movement
    • Climbing vines have issues sometimes. Animation issues as well.
  • Interface
    • Some screen resolutions are not optimised and may have elements cut off or sub-optimal screen placements.
  • Skills
    • Cast bar does not show individually for players yet.
    • Animations may be incorrect, or not shown while casting
    • Some skill trees have skills removed for now
    • Mana Bar is unused currently
    • Some skills may not work properly
    • Some skills may not have a visual effect yet.
  • Enemies
    • Some enemies are missing animations and sound effects
  • Items
    • Items are currently cosmetic and provide no benefit.
  • Level End
    • Each level currently has the same NPC with same dialog. NPC also will not appear in overworld.
  • Camera
    • Occasional camera issues.
  • Balancing
    • Some gameplay balance has been worked on, however some enemies may not scale appropriately and seem to easy/hard. Some skill cooldowns/damage are not properly balanced.
  • Misc
    • Returning to overworld when one or more players are dead will cause issues.

What’s Coming In Demo v0.3

  • Character customization
    • Name
    • Appearance
    • Choose Skill Trees
  • Achievement System
    • Gain new skill trees through your playstyle, and new items as well.
  • New Characters
    • Each new level is a chance to save someone who can help you on your quest. Magic users, alchemists, tailors; you could use all the help you can get.
  • New Worlds