Defiant Studios Dropped From Developing Lords of the Fallen 2

Posted on by Ryan

Major news for the development of Lords of the Fallen 2 as CI Games have announced they have dropped Defiant Studios has the game’s developers.

CI Games told Eurogamer in a statement:

“The termination of the agreement was submitted due to inadequate execution by Defiant [of] a key work stage (milestone no. 11), a so-called vertical slice. The quality of the work was lower than expected by the company, as precisely described in the agreement, despite three calls to improve the quality of this stage of work.”

Defiant Studios have fired back with Founder and Managing Director David Grijns saying that the studio knows how to develop great games. Stating:

“We categorically disagree with the portrayal of Defiant Studios made by CI Games. The team that was working on CI Games’ project was comprised of exceedingly talented developers whose work we fully stand behind. Our team knows how to build quality games as is evident by their key roles in Just Cause 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 5, Devil May Cry (DmC), and many other top tier projects.”