Deej Implies Destiny 2 Beta Will Not Be Open As First Destiny Beta

Posted on by Ryan


During the latest Fireteam Chat with IGN and Bungie, Destiny 2 Community Manager Deej was asked about the absence of Engrams during the Destiny 2 Alpha. Deej said that they weren’t ready to discuss that and implied that the Destiny 2 Beta will not be as open as the Destiny beta. Stating..

That’s not really one of the things we’re opening up to with conversation, probably until the game launches. That’s not something people should expect to engage with here at E3, that’s not something people should expect to engage with during the Beta.

I remember last time we did this back in 2014, we had the alpha here at E3, people were exploring ALL of Old Russia, so that by the time that they got to the launch game, they said “well, I’ve done everything that there is to do in the first destination, and I’ve already explored the second destination”. So you had to get half way through the game before you see any real estate. So we’re keeping our cards close to our chest this time.