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Death’s Gambit: Afterlife 1.05 Patch Notes

White Rabbit and Serenity Forge have released a new patch for their popular Metroidvania game Death’s Gambit: Afterlife. This update fixes fixes softlock and crash issues, updated crashing descriptions, and other gameplay changes.

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is available for Switch, Playstation 4, and PC via Steam. You can view the full patch notes down below:

  • Patch Notes (Afterlife 1.05)
    Design/Gameplay changes
    Bysurge heroic health nerfed to 110000 from 147000.
    Dropping a Parasite now correctly drops a parasite item orb.
    Stranded isles puzzle that requires Valkyrie spear can now accept the item even if it is upgraded.
    Increased invincibility time on Sky Crash ability.
    Moved Dark Knight journal 2 to a new and better spot.
    Bow adjustment talent now also lets you equip ANY bow regardless of stat requirement.
    Lizard in hole in Darkness Falls that asks “gib floaty” still asks for the same item. But the reward item is better.
    Alpha and Sigma lock hint logs in Chamber of Migration have changed.

  • Softlocks and Crash fixes
    Moving platform in Stranded isles can no longer get you stuck inside a wall.
    Loading some old death’s gambit save files could cause you to get stuck after defeating Owlking. This is now fixed.

  • Misc
    Talent points put into talent tree 4 are now correctly given back to you after resetting your character stats via meditation.
    Blood chest in Skytomb no longer respawns endlessly.
    True ending final boss can no longer do some Heroic attacks… in normal mode. Would only happen under very specific circumstances.
    Entering bulwark boss room from the left no longer causes a lag spike.
    Defeating the Hammer wielding Amarog that drops the amarog key can now drop the item again if you didn’t pick it up.
    Fixed a crash down block in Magister’s Labyrinth that would become invisible under certain circumstances.
    If you ever have over 30 haste or endurance you will be automatically forced to respec. Only possible via cheating and loading your old save file in a weird way.
    All crafting items now have correct item descriptions.

  • Patch Notes (Afterlife 1.04)
    A new text log has appeared in the Chamber of Migration
    Fixed an issue which caused the config for ability 4 to keep unbinding
    Main menu options now save correctly
    Fixed an issue that caused Sorun to become invisible after leaving a save point close to the horse.


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