UPDATE: Deadmau5 Not Working On Goat Simulator 2

Posted on by Dale


Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, aka DeadMowCinco, looks like he has been in Coffee Stain Studios today doing some motion capture for Goat Simulator 2. Joel has been uploading videos to his Instagram account with him dancing around in a motion capture suit, in front of a television, with a model that he is interacting with. Deadmau5 was also featured in the second level of the original Goat Simulator. The original Goat Simulator had huge success. Goat Simulator has sold millions of copies and has made well over $12 million dollars in sales since release. Being a goat that runs around and destroys almost everything while you attempt to get a high score is a bit addicting. The bugs were hilarious and purposely left in the game. I am going to guess we can expect much of the same style to Goat Simulator 2. Below are a few of the posts from Deadmau5’s Instagram.

Doing some motion capture for Goat Simulator 2. NO BIG FUCKING DEAL

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Too much fun.

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I need this at home.

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UPDATE: Deadmau5 has shared on his twitter that this is not for Goat Simulator 2. See the Twitter post below.