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Day of Dragons Version 1.J.D.0 Beta Patch Released

Beawesome Games have released a new beta patch for their upcoming online creature survival game Day of Dragons. This update fixes crash issues, combat balance, new skin crafting recipes, and several other changes.

Day of Dragons is available via Steam Early Access. You can view the full changelog down below:


Client/Server Patch


  • Added river ambience SFX at the mouth and foot of the river
  • 1 new skin crafting recipe for Shadow Scale
  • 1 new skin crafting recipe for Acid Spitter
  • Temporary tooltips for mutations (custom tooltip coming in next update)


  • Mixing different bloodline quality now averages the difference between the two bloodlines instead of picking one or the other. Breeding identical bloodlines still upgrade the egg’s bloodline.
  • Alpha class now has an A beside the Class number (4->4A, 5->5A)
  • Improved hit detection of projectiles
  • Tweaked 4 call sound fx on Shadow Scales
  • Server kill logs now records species and growth of player character killed
  • Nesting males can no longer be invited to become an egg. Males must wait until all of their nests are destroyed.
  • Females with at least 2 points in Breeding can now select the gender of the egg when sending the egg invite.
  • Changed the method in which players can obtain genetics with better than A- grade, the former method proved to be too difficult to obtain


  • Adult hunger drain increased slightly (could literally go for days without eating as an adult) Elder remains unchanged
  • Increased turn speed of Shadow Scale
  • Increased Bite damage of Shadow Scale
  • Decreased Pierce Resistance of Acid Spitter
  • Increased Blunt Resistance of Acid Spitter


  • Eating and drinking sounds no longer echo long distances
  • Server Filters Hide Private option now correctly hides private servers instead of showing only private servers
  • Fixed an exploit allowing infinite max flight speed
  • Joining a full server should now properly kick players that have not fully loaded in and not keep them on an infinite loading screen
  • Fixed a server crash


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