Darius 30th Anniversary Edition Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Taito have announced they will be releasing a 30th Anniversary Edition of Darius on Playstation 4.

This Anniversary Edition will release in Japan on February 23 via ebten and contain the following..

Seven-Disc Special Album

  • Disc 1: Darius (Arcade Version, Game Boy Version)
  • Disc 2: Darius II (Arcade Version)
  • Disc 3: Darius Gaiden (Arcade Version)
  • Disc 4: G Darius (Arcade Version)
  • Disc 5: Darius Twin (Domestic Version, Overseas Version)
  • Disc 6: Darius Force, Sagaia (Consumer Version / Overseas Version Darius II)
  • Disc 7: Mobile Version Darius, New Arrange Music, etc.

Original Darius for the First-Time as a Disc-Based Package

The first time the original Darius is released on disc for a home game console, realized thanks to the help of Hamster, who manage the Arcade Archives game download service. This is the Arcade Archives version of Darius with the cabinet instructions panel display added to create a more arcade-like atmosphere.

Interview Booklet and Super Play Blu-ray Disc

The interview booklet contains 32 pages of interviews with Darius series staff. The Blu-ray disc contains super play videos of the PlayStation 4 version of Darius, as well as the arcade versions of Darius Gaiden and G Darius.