Dallas Fuel Head Coach Believes Many OWL Players Will Leave Social Media

Posted on by Ryan


Dallas Fuel head coach Kyle Souder caused some interesting remarks on Reddit after taking to Twitter late last night to say that he believes many Overwatch League players will probably leave social media altogether. Sounder posted on Twitter..

“Would not be surprised if majority of players start completely closing themselves off from social media. OWL players have tried to make themselves so publically available only for fans to use it as an opportunity to shit on them. thats the meta rn.”

This post caused so much commotion on Reddit that Souder went back on Twitter earlier this afternoon to post the following…

“How did a simple tweet with a clear topic get twisted into something entirely different on reddit? I love it lol”

Influential people within the Overwatch community responded directly to Sounder. MonteCristo, OWL analyst and co-host of OverSight, responded by saying that he was surprised many still have their DMs open and some advice. MonteCristo said…

“I am amazed that many players still have their DMs open. That is madness. As for your tweet, one does learn to deal with the bullshit in time. It is a learning process, but one eventually becomes desensitized to the ludicrous screaming masses.”

Jake Lyon of the Houston Outlaws also took to Twitter to say that Kyle has a solid point and that some scold players, teams, and organizations for not fitting what their vision of the game is. Lyon stated..

“Just wanna say that I think is right about the negative effects of social media. I’m happy that the OWL offers transparency to fans, but taking those glimpses and concluding that you should browbeat teams/players/staff into accepting your vision of the game is at best delusional and at worst seriously harmful to the well being those who are being targeted. Maybe it happens in trad. sports, but esports is just different in terms of transparency & interaction. Don’t blow it. “

Some believe this all stems from an AMA Dallas Fuel player Effect did last night where he said that they were getting a new coach and the team is not as impressive as it has seen in the past.