Crytek Comments On Game Graphics Downgraded During Major Events

Posted on by Ryan


One of the big complaints among Watch Dogs, and a lot of games in general, is when the companies show off these amazing graphics at major events like Game Developers Conference and E3 just to be disappointed with what they really receive.

During a recent interview with DSO Gaming, Crytek Technical Director Rok Erjavec offered his take among the “downgrade: criticism. Stating..

“I think in many cases, the criticism is misplaced. Trade-show demos are often carefully crafted experiences where a highly-polished single area is shown during the demo. It’s easy to blame hardware-targets when the final game isn’t quite the same – but what you are shown is a 15-minute part of the game that was built in three to six months.

“Meanwhile, the rest of the game’s 10+ hours are built over something in the range of 12 to 24 months. In many cases there was no downgrade as such – just the reality of producing much more content over what effectively amounts to (much) less time.”