Creator of Midora Offering Refunds

Posted on by Ryan


Mhyre, the Game Director of Epic Minds, has announced he is offering refunds to everyone who backed his top-down RPG Midora on Kickstarter.

Epic Minds tried reaching out to investors and publishers this past October to help fund the development of the game. Sadly, they never received such an investment and has since decided to give back refunds to all their Kickstarter backers who want one.

Mhyre has taken full responsibility for the failed project and the refunds. While all the Kickstarter money has been spent, they will be offering refunds as soon as they are available via PayPal. After these start, backers will be able to make a claim and will be put on a waiting list which is planned to start in the Summer.

Mhyre has stated that he hopes to one day deliver Midora to his Kickstarter supporters and the rest of the world.