Cortana Is Not Actually Nude

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with GamesRader, Halo Develeopment Director Frank O’Connor revealed that Cortana is may appear to be naked, but isn’t actually nude. O’Connor stated that in the Halo world AI characters choose how they want to appear based on their personalities. Stating…

“She’s not actually nude because she has neither clothes nor private parts. She’s effectively just wearing kind of a holographic body stocking; that’s the conceit. However, [being naked is what it] makes you think of. In Cortana’s case, because she’s illegally cloned from a real human brain, she’s a little bit different than other AIs,and one of the reasons she [dresses as she does] is to attract and demand attention. And she does it to put people off so that they’re on their guard when they’re talking to here and that she has the upper hand in those conversations.”