Corsair PSUs Now Coming With 10 Year Warranties

Posted on by Ryan


Corsair have announced they are extending warranties for several  PSU models from their current 7 year warranties to 10 years.

This new warranty to all RMi, RMx, HXi, and AXi power supplies. If you purchase one of these brand new they will automatically come with a 10 year warranty out of the box. If you currently own one of these already, you will automatically receive an additional 3 year warranty on top of the one you currently have. Corsair stated..

“Corsair’s commitment to PSU quality and longevity has always been at the heart of its entire PSU line-up, and is why millions of customers have chosen Corsair PSUs to power their PCs. This commitment isn’t just made at the manufacturing level – it’s also at the heart of Corsair’s customer support experience, ensuring customers who choose a Corsair PSU have faith and confidence in their purchase for years to come.”