Concept Art For Cancelled Game Streets Of Rage 4 Revealed

Posted on by Ryan

It’s always cool to learn new details on cancelled game, especially if it’s for a famous series. Well we get a look into Streets of Rage 4, a cancelled game that was originally in development for the Sega Dreamcast.

Video Game Composer Yuzo Koshiro revealed 2 pieces of concept art for the cancelled Dreamcast game on his Twitter account.


Both images are dated September 1999. The first one above shows the 4 main characters that were proposed. The one below shows combo ideas for 2 characters. The first being Burn, the song of Axel. The woman is named Erie and very little is known about her.


Koshiro noted that he was suppose to reprise his role as Music Composer for the game, but it was cancelled very early in development.