Chronos G2 SSD’s Released

Posted on by Ryan

Mushkin released their new Chronos G2 Series to their lineup of Solid State Drives today. All of their SSD’s are made in the U.S. and come with a 3-year warranty. Street prices are as follows…


  • Mushkin Chronos G2 60GB: $60 ($1 per gigabyte)
  • Mushkin Chronos G2 120GB: $80 ($0.67 per gigabyte)
  • Mushkin Chronos G2 240GB: $125 ($0.52 per gigabyte)
  • Mushkin Chronos G2 480GB: $220 ($0.46 per gigabyte)

Mushkin’s Director of Global Marketing,Nicolas Villalobos, had this to say…


“If you want the most innovative Mushkin SSD ever, you’ll have to be more specific. Mushkin doesn’t only focus on launching new and innovative storage and memory solutions, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our existing products as we are doing with our value Chronos G2. A reincarnation of the legendary Chronos, the Chronos G2 Series was born to stand out from the crowd. Its competition-surpassing value give Mushkin’s Value SSD an oversized attitude.”