Chronik Spartan Announces Gym Empire

Posted on by Ryan


Chronik Spartan, the developer behind GLO, has announced he is developing a new simulation and management game called Gym Empire. This game will see you take the role of a personal trainer and start your empire grow out of the garage and into the next Planet Fitness or Bally’s Fitness.

While it’s still in early development, we do have an outline of the what the game will contain. You can view the planned features down below:

  • Personally train clients
  • Hire staff to help training as your client base grows
  • Progress from garage to storage closet to world renowned gym
  • Specialise your gym or keep it commercial
  • Choose between micro management or overall business management
  • Train clients to go on to become celebrities
  • Strike deals with sponsors
  • Avoid lawsuits by looking after your clients

Gym Empire is in development for PC via Steam. You can view the announcement trailer down below: