Car Mechanic Simulator Patch 1.28 Released

Posted on by Ryan


Just four days ago we reported that Red Dot Games was working on patch 1.2.5 of Car Mechanic Simulator. Since then they have released even more patches with the latest being patch 1.2.8. For those keeping track, this is the 28th patch since the game was released on July 28.

You can view the last three patch notes down below..


– New bonus track
– V6 30 need to be mounted on engine crain without gearbox and pipes
– fixed locked lifter at up position
– fixed some Achievements
– Bolt Cape dials fixed
– When trying to install engine when engine bay is not empty – it will show what need to be unmounted
– brake pads are now examined by path test
– fixed sell all button
– fixed some problems with car paiting
– buying parking ui fixed

– Achievements unlocked
– fixed double shop items rare bug

– Modding addon (modders can now add mod car parts into shop (parts.txt))
– left wheels bolts now unmounting in proper direction
– updated mazda rx-7 model
– repair bench parts sorting
– fixed invent mouse
– added customizable banner in garage (place your logo there!)
– save small bug
– mission 6 fixed
– fixed problem when changing cap rims into non cap rims
– fixed selling in warehouse bug
– broken rims after loading game looked like new bug fixed
– small fixes in test track
– wheel bolts are now properly positioned with custom et
– updated Smith 1500 model