Cancelled Jet Force Gemini Game Boy Color Footage Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


If you follow the legacy of the Nintendo 64 or Rare chances are you’ve heard of Jet Force Gemini. The game had very good success on the Nintendo 64. So much so that there were plans at one point to have the game ported over to the Game Boy Color.

The port was being developed by Bit Studios, but the project never came to be and was eventually cancelled. A playable prototype surfaced online back in 2010, but only had screenshots surface and never any video footage….until now.

The Game Boy Color version begins with Juno and Lupus searching for Juno’s sister Vela. They receive a signal from an unknown planet and attempt to investigate and something goes wrong causing a crash landing.

Jet Force Gemini is one of the games available on the Rare Replay for Xbox One. The original Jet Force Gemini was released in 1999.