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Call of Arms Gates of Hell: Ostfront Receives 1.009 Hotfix

Digitalmindsoft and Barbedwire Studios have released a hotfix for their popular real-time strategy game Call to Arms. This update makes weapon balances, updated maps, and fixes localization and translation issues.

You can view the full patch notes down below:

  • Added 100m grids to minimaps
  • Added new Chinese localization
  • Added new vehicle views for BT2, BT5, BT7 and IS1
  • Updated map MP Industry: removed ghost humans
  • Updated map MP Wotan: removed two craters lost behind the border of the map
  • Updated map MP Hills: replaced craters by actual models
  • Updated map MP Shirayevo: fixed bridge pathfinding, added hay stamps
  • Updated map MP Valley: removed repairable KV-2
  • Updated map DCG Kalinin: replaced craters by actual models
  • Updated Ba-64 with improved suspension
  • Fixed soviet conquest tech tree where BS-3 and Gaz-AAA 72K were available from the onset.
  • Fixed russian map localization
  • Fixed some weathers with unnatural fog or shadows
  • Fixed ejecting shells for DSHK AA and Stand cannons
  • Fixed t3476_42 in bot buy menu for conquest
  • Fixed spelling of Border Squad in conquest
  • Fixed Italian translation to use numbers instead of roman numerals for squad Tier values
  • Fixed description for Tier 5 Fallschirmj√§ger squads
  • Fixed crew and CP value of gaz67b for conquest and MP
  • Fixed reload sound for Panzer1b
  • Fixed self-destructing vehicle so that it reduces score just as if it had been killed by enemy
  • Fixed armor penetration and damage for stg44 and mkb42h
  • Decreased damage from HE shells to components if they pierce armour. This will make artillery less effective at taking out armoured targets at range.
  • Decreased flag tick rate by 25% to extend game durations
  • Decreased vehicle kill point rate by 30% to extend game durations
  • Decreased AT rifle accuracy slightly


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