Bungie Shows a Wintery Cosmodrome for Rise of Iron

Posted on by Dale


Today Bungie takes us on a tour of a wintery Cosmodrome. Showing off an area that Guardians will know all too well, but also seem different in its own way. We have a bit to talk about as always after a Bungie Livestream so let’s get started.

Bungie revealed there will be an Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow. It looked very well styled to the Gjallarhorn and seemed to have plenty of tricks we can do with it. There will be two variations to this sparrow. One that will be white and gold through Eververse to purchase and the Iron version that you can get by pre ordering. For those of you who don’t know, Eververse is the in game microtransaction store that players can buy emotes and sparrows. At times during special events you can also find special packages such as masks for Halloween.


We will be going back through The Wall where the Fallen are trying to tear it down to gain easier access to Earth’s Last City. The Wall is one of the main defenses from outside aggressors so this is a valuable resource to protect. You get to experience some old areas but with changes to the overall look and feel of the environment. You will see Fallen dismantling our past and different pieces of the environment that we are used to looking at could be cut by what looks like torch cuts. Seeing the tank barrels cut off, cuts into the environment and so on. There are new areas within the Cosmodrome that have been opened up due to the Devil Splicers as well, meaning new environments within the all too familiar Cosmodrome. They did not allow us to see these areas today but will shed more light on what to expect later. SIVA also was shown quite a bit throughout the landscape bursting from the ground. This enemy can hack into technology, such as the terminal before the Devil Walker on the Sepiks Prime Strike.

Also, Bungie will be at Gamescom to bring us a Livestream about the Crucible and have members from the community to tell their own stories about the game. Unfortunately this was the end of the stream. They did not show off as much content as normal, with that being said I will have to cut this article short as well. The Rise of Iron expansion will be hitting your console on September 20th. Be sure to pre-order so you can get the Iron Gjallarwing and the Iron Gjallarhorn!