Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Gameplay

Posted on by Dale


Bungie has been teasing this announcement for a few weeks and the time is finally here. The wraps have come off of Destiny 2’s gameplay, and we now have a greater understanding for what is in store for us. As we already know the Cabal have taken over the Last City and we must rise and take it back. Destiny had a very successful beginning but quickly had many being frustrated over the game and much of the gameplay elements. Will Bungie be able to correct those issues? We find that out now.



Bungie is making Clans a bigger feature in the game. Players that like to play solo can now play with others in Nightfall, Raids, and Trials of Osiris by using Guided Games. Guided Games is a way to view clans and find help getting through the activities that require more than one person to complete. These new clans will showcase a custom banner and a brief description to these solo players in an effort to grow their communities.


Three new worlds were shown, IO, Titan, and Nessus, while also showing off the European Dead Zone on Earth. In the European Dead Zone we meet Hawthorne a character who runs the Social Space there called The Farm. The Director has been updated so that players can move from planet to planet without needing to head to orbit. You can even head out to strikes or PvP from a planet. While out patrolling these new areas players can see all Public Events and when they will start. Along with multiple landing zones this will allow for quick in and out fights to get what you need done. There is also a new activity to do on the planets called Lost Sectors, which is where you find an NPC that directs you to an area. In that area you will find a boss who holds the key to a chest full of loot. Destiny’s version of a dungeon. On the PVP side of things all game modes will be 4v4 and include a new Attack and Defend game mode which is called Countdown. Not too much was shown of this except of Guardians standing near an object.


Three new subclasses were shown off and their supers. The Arcstrider being an arc hunter that uses a spear to shred through enemies. The Sentinel Titan which holds a Captain America shield and charges at their foes. The Dawnblade is a warlock that slings flames through the air looking like a Titan with Hammers. There is a new HUD for Guardians and a new setup for weapons. Slot one will hold kinetic weapons where slot two holds elemental damage types. Slot three holds all other being power weapons. There were new weapon classes shown including a grenade launcher, smg, and possibly more. These added weapons and changes will change-up the game a bit. The game looks promising so far. You can expect to see Destiny 2 on shelves on September 8th of 2017.