Bubble Bobble 2 NES Prototype Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


If you grew up with an NES chances are you played Bubble Bobble. It’s one of those games that just makes you smile whenever you hear the music for the main menu. Well people do tend to forget that a sequel appropriately named Bubble Bobble 2 was also released. Now it seems like NES collectors have something to go nuts over.

A seller who goes by back2basics0520 has placed a Bubble Bobble 2 NES Prototype cartridge up for sale on eBay. The owner notes this is extremely rare and was previously owned by mrmark0673 where he had it VGA certified and enclosed in an acrylic display. Back2basics has noted that it is still in the case and has never even taken it out of the poly bag.

The current asking price is set at $10,000.