Blizzard Wants To Improve Roadhog’s Survivability

Posted on by Ryan


It appears that some believe that Roadhog was nurfed way to much as this past large game update saw Roadhog’s bullet damange decrease by 33% and a fire rate increased by 30%. This had led some to go on the Blizzard forums to say that Roadhog is just not worth a pick and have asked how they could fix the hero.

This led Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman to issue a reply. Goodman said..

“We’re testing some stuff internally for Roadhog,” Goodman said. “The focus of changes we’re trying are around his defenses, rather than his offensive capabilities. Even though the hook combo is weaker now he can still dish out a lot of damage over all. If he had some more survivability he would be in a better place.”