Blizzard To Implement Serious Punishments For Overwatch Leavers

Posted on by Ryan


Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has taken to the forums to reveal that Blizzard will be implementing serious punishments for players that leave Overwatch. Even to go as far as banning players from playing competitive. Stating..

“Our philosophy has been that we would rather not have leavers playing the game at all (especially in competitive play).”

The punishments will be more severe the more the player does them. This includes bad connections and rage quitting. Remaining teammates are given the option to leave the match without punishment. Kaplan added..

“We’re in the process of implementing a new policy which would take into account how many competitive seasons you have been banned from, and at a certain point, prevent you from playing competitive ever again.”

Kaplan did not reveal when these implications would be added.