Blizzard Responds To Overwatch Minimap Requests

Posted on by Ryan


Requests for MOBAs and MMOS are nothing new and Overwatch is no exception. One of the most requested additions to Overwatch is the addition of a minimap. The request has been made so many times that Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed why they will not be adding one. Kaplan stated..

“Our reasoning for not adding a minimap is that players claim they want this to solve navigation issues but more often than not, minimaps in FPS with small maps like OW do not actually help you learn the map much quicker than just playing it a few times. What tends to happen is players demand more and more information on the minimap (enemies in particular). What was originally intended to “help newer players” actually becomes a very high skill player tool (ask a MOBA or COD player how important the minimap is to competitive play).”