Blizzard Reportedly Discussing Contenders System, Teams Abolished?

Posted on by Ryan

According to sources for GGRecon, there are internal discussions within Blizzard that would significantly change Overwatch Contenders.

One of the biggest discussions would be a monthly draft competition which would essentially abolishing teams and see captains drafting their teammates.

Each of the following are reportedly being taken into consideration:

  • For Contenders tournaments, a draft system of players would be introduced
  • Players would have to register on a tournament platform
  • Teams would have neutral branding during the monthly tournaments
  • Within these monthly tournaments, captains would be selected on the platform, in which they can draft pairings (Tank/DPS/Support duos) for their mixed team
  • Drafted teams would have a set amount of time to prepare for the tournament
  • Participants would still receive prize money
  • During the downtime of these monthly tournaments, sanctioned third-party events would be hosted.
  • Teams can participate in these third party tournaments as organisations

It’s said that teams across all regions strongly dislike the idea with many pointing to synergy problems between teammates and a significant drop in the level of play.