Blizzard Keeping Close Eye On Zarya

Posted on by Ryan


Blizzard are keeping a close eye on the character Zarya in Overwatch. Despite not being picked that often on live servers, every single pro game had someone choosing the character.

Overwatch Game Direct Jeff Kaplan had this to say..

“Zarya has always been extremely powerful and usually sees very low play time. Internally at Blizzard, we all felt like she was one of the most powerful characters in the lineup in the early Alpha and Beta. We were always shocked that she was played so infrequently. We’ve made very few changes to how she works over the months but we’re always keeping an eye on the balance of all of our heroes.”

“Zarya is definitely powerful but requires a high skill player to get the most out of her. I don’t think she is a problem right now but we’ll keep watching how she does, especially now that she is finally gaining in popularity.”