Blizzard Forces WoW Classic Guild To Change Their Name

Posted on by Ryan

According to a report by Game Byte, a World of Warcraft: Classic guild has been told they will have to change their name due to it being an “inappropriate name.”

Just one week after a guild consisting of openly gay players called “GAY BOYS” were forced to change their name, a guild leader who goes by Cogblast reached out to Game Byte and said that his guild “Make Azaroth Great Again” was also forced to change their name.

Cogblast said:

“[Blizzard] did the same thing to my WoW Classic guild ‘Make Azeroth Great Again,’ which was just a tongue-in-cheek name for what was really just a social guild. We got it changed back, and then twelve hours later it was force-changed again,”

While cogblast said that it does parody some members of the Republican Party’s feelings, it was not their focus. Stating:

“This was on a server designated ‘RP-PVP.’ This means that the server focuses on roleplaying and player versus player combat. My guild recruitment messages were satirical parodies of Republican talking points using the in-game lore in place of real places and peoples.

“For instance, instead of promising a southern border wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, we would promise a northern border wall to keep out the neighbouring troll civilisation. Trolls are playable, and Blizzard routinely makes references to real people using all of the available playable races, so this was never meant to be a slight against anybody.”