Battlefront II Community Manager Apologizes For Comments Made On Twitter

Posted on by Ryan


Star Wars Battlefront II Community Manager Mat Everett has taken to Twitter to apologize for comments he made on Sunday. In the midst of controversy the game has received due to the dependency on microtransactions, Everett took to Twitter to say “The armchair developers on this internet” on Sunday before deleting the comment.

Everett later apologized for his wording by tweeting..

“Taking tweets out of context, and fun Sunday conversations. I did Twitter wrong today. I am logging off.”

“My tweets earlier had nothing to do with community remarks or topics within or around SWBFII. I made a tweet about a general thing and people claim I am speaking about my games community complaints. #disheartning #Frustrated Sorry to those who think it was about Star Wars.”
“I removed those tweets as hordes of angry gamers being told I was speaking about them were upset. I get that, but someone misinterpreted my tweet, I again apologize for that, but it was not my intent. Trust me I am at bat for this community and game/franchise I love.”