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I am the Vice President of Community Operations & Marketing for Gaming Conviction. I am from Southern Ohio, have been an avid gamer since I can remember. Currently enjoy Minecraft, Halo, Destiny, and many other games. Feel free to message me and chat about anything you feel like.


Yes, you read that right, today Mojang announced that we will finally be seeing an update to the console version of Minecraft. Tomorrow an...


After the Eurogamer interview with Destiny’s Creative Director, Luke Smith, many fans had been left with a sour taste in their mouth about the...


After some careful thoughts and reviewing some of the editions Bungie is coming out with for Destiny’s newest update, “The Taken King” I have...


Fallout 4 has been officially debuted at E3 2015 this year. You will be able to play as a male or female character, you...

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