ATL Academy Go On Hiatus

Posted on by Ryan

A major blow to the competitive Overwatch scene has taken place as ATL Academy, the academy team for the Atlanta Reign, have announced they are going on hiatus until further notice.

ATL Academy have been the most dominant team in the North American scene placing in the top 4 in all seasons and Showdowns during 2019 including the legendary 28-0 map record during the second season of Overwatch Contenders 2019: North America East. This same roster also went to The Gauntlet and became the first team ever to sweep RunAway 4-0 on their way to a second place finish losing in the grand finals to Element Mystic.

The 2020 year started lower than expected finishing in 5-8th place during week 1 of Overwatch Contenders North America 2020 and the same place in Contenders Trials.

It’s unknown if the players will be forming a team together similar to Revival or all enter free agency for different teams.