AtGames Accused Of Scamming Consumers With Bandai Namco Flashback Blast

Posted on by Ryan


Many within the retro gaming community have had issues with the quality of AtGames products, but now they seem to have crossed the line in many people’s eyes regarding their new Bandai Namco Flashback Blast. This is due to accusations that the Walmart exclusive version and the normal retail version have different versions of the game. This is due to the Walmart version having the NES roms on them while the other contains the classic Arcade roms.

This was proven by recent reviews by YouTubers Madlittlepixel (who had the Walmart version) and John Hancock (who had the normal retail version). While John Hancock praised his review copy as a great bang-for-your-buck production, Madlittlepixel bashed his review copy for being inferior. Matlittlepixel called out the company for misleading consumers and said they could possibly face a class action lawsuit.  This is due to AtGames replying to his original tweet:

“The initial production runs include home versions of those games, but later production runs will feature the arcade versions.”

Since then, Madlittlepixel noted he has now been blocked by AtGames on Twitter.


Credit: Rich of ReviewTechUSA