Atelier 20th Anniversary Festival Dated

Posted on by Ryan

Atelier 20th Anniversary Festival

Gust announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017 they will be holding a special Atelier 20th Anniversary Festival at Differ Ariake in Tokyo Japan on December 2.

You can view an overview of the plans down below..

Event-Original Drama

Witness a completely original drama that can only be seen at this event. The story starts from Atelier Marie!? There will be different stories for both the day (starts at 15:30) and night (starts at 19:00) parts of the event.

Looking Back on 20 Years of Atelier Variety Corner

A variety corner where we look back on 20 years of the Atelier series from various angles, such as talks, quizzes, and videos. There may even be a message from a certain someone…?

Atelier Song Showcase

Light stick (pen light) support is all good here. The songs showcased during this part will be announced at a later date.