Atari Partners With AirConsole

Posted on by Ryan

In a press release, Atari announced they have partnered with cloud-based gaming platoform AirConsole. This partnership will see a dedicated AirConsole application being added to the Atari VCS. This would also give players access to over 150 titles from AirConsole including 8Bit Fiesta, The Neighborhood, Fling to the Finish, Burning Rubber Air, and Go Kart Go.

Michael Arzt, COO of Atari VC & Connected Devices, said in the press release:

“At a time when the industry is discussing $70 games, we are delighted to welcome N-Dream AG and their AirConsole gaming platform to the Atari VCS. AirConsole features a wonderful online library of original games, from a multitude of genres, that will help keep Atari’s historic spirit of couch co-op gaming alive. AirConsole’s affordable on-demand gaming further solidifies the Atari VCS as a must-own multi-media and entertainment device for the living room.”