Astroneer Developer Discussed Comparison To No Man’s Sky

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with Gaming Bolt, Adam Bromell of System Era Softworks discussed their upcoming space exploration game Astroneer. During the interview Bromell was asked about the comparisons many have between Astroneer and No Man’s Sky. Bromell replied..

‘I’m not sure who is saying it’s the next No Man’s Sky, he said. ‘And honestly I don’t quite understand what they mean when they say that. Other than being in space with procedural planets our games are very different. Hopefully they’re not talking about the launch of the game and the perception the players had of it! We’ve learned a lot from Hello Games and the launch of No Man’s Sky that we put in to practice every day.’

Gaming Bolt also asked him about No Man’s Sky backlash, to which Bromell simply replied..
‘I think its important for every developer to understand what they’re saying to their audience and understand what it is they are hearing.’

Astroneer is in development for Xbox One and PC via Steam.