Are Xbox Exclusive Games Brought Over To PC Helping Console Gamers?

Posted on by Ryan


Xbox Head Phil Spencer recently sat down with VentureBeat where he was asked an interesting question. With Xbox exclusive games being ported over to PC, is it really helping console gamers and not just gaining momentum for the rise of PC gaming that we’ve seen in recent years.

Spencer replied…

“On the profitability and the financial success, that’s what drives me. I love this product. I love what the brand means. I love what it can become. In order for us to realize what we want to realize, the financials have to work. This is why at certain times, when people will push on, ‘Hey, should Xbox console games go to PC? Why are you guys focusing on Windows?’—People have to step back and see that the more games we sell, the more people who are buying games on Xbox Live, the better the business is and the more we can invest in it. For Xbox fans, it creates more opportunity.”

Phil Spencer also noted that running a “viable business” helps make the Xbox the best console that is possible. Stating..

“You see the lineup of games we have right now and say it’s the best lineup we’ve ever had. That’s because you get into a stronger financial position and you’re able to invest more and see the benefit of that investment. If selling games on Windows and Xbox means we get to invest more and build more, that’s a great thing for people who care about the Xbox brand.”