Arcade1Up Game Cabinets Now Available In The U.K.

Posted on by Ryan

Sambro and Tastemakers LLC have announced the first wave to retro game arcades are now available in the United Kingdom.

Scott Bachrach, CEO of Tastemakers, LLC, said in the press release”

“Arcade1Up will transport you back to an era of button-mashing, neon lights and hours of addictive gaming fun. It is a unique experience and truly brings back retro gaming the way it was meant to be played!”

Arcade units available include the following:

Atari®️’s Asteroids®️ Cabinet:

Asteroids®️, Tempest®️, Major Havoc®️, Lunar Lander®️

Midway’s Rampage Cabinet:

Rampage, Defender, Joust, Gauntlet

Taito’s Space Invaders Cabinet: Space Invaders™ Color, Space Invaders ™ Black and White

Capcom’s Street Fighter II Championship Cabinet:

Street Fighter™ II Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter™ II The New Challengers, Super Street Fighter™ II Turbo