Aquaplus Hiring 3D Designers For New Utawarerumono and ToHeart Projects

Posted on by Ryan


A new job listing has popped up on CG World showing that Aquaplus are looking to hire some 3D Designers for some upcoming projects. These new projects will be related to both ToHeart and Utawarerumono franchises. The ad reads..

“We’re mass recruiting comrades able to work with us on new projects in Aquaplus representative series including Utawarereumono and ToHeart. Why not try your hands at creating 3D models of the character designs by our company’s illustrators? Why not try to move and breathe life into cute characters?”

The open positions include the following..


  • 3D CG designer (character modeling)
  • 3D CG designer (character motion)
  • Graphics programmer