Apollo Legend Proves Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong World Records Were Fake

Posted on by Ryan


Apollo Legend, the same YouTuber who proved many of Todd Roger’s world records were fake, has now uploaded a new video proving the three world record runs by famed Donkey Kong player Billy Mitchell are also fake.

The video shoes that Mitchell had very close ties with Twin Galaxies, even as far as helping the organization out financially. Even David Nelson, a former Chief Referee, said that Mitchell had threatened to have ‘the screws put to him” if one of the runs wasn’t submitted.

These accusations show that Billy Mitchell’s first world record run of 1,047,200, featured in King of Kong, did not use an actual arcade board, but a M.A.M.E. emulator. This was proven by slowing down the loading screens showing that pallets loaded on the screen differently compared to the emulator and arcade.

Mitchell’s second world record of 1,050,200 also had the same issue and Apollo Legend was able to prove the sound has been massively edited with random cuts, no audio in parts, and dips in volume. This was done by loading the video in Audacity.

Finally, the third run of 1,062,800 never had a video and was verified by a referee. That referee just happened to be Robert T. Mruczek, the same referee that helped Todd Rogers submit fake world record runs.

At the time of publishing, Twin Galaxies have not responded to the video. You can view the full video down below…