Anzu Partners With Zula

Posted on by Ryan have announced they are partnering with the popular first-person shooting game Zula. This partnership will see in-game advertising with personal ads directly within the game.

This is big news for Anzu as Zula was the most popular video game of 2019 in Turkey and has seen a surge in the gaming market with over 32 million gamers within the country.

Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO of Anzu, said in a press release:

“I am honored to partner with Zula, an iconic free-to-play game with stellar graphics and locations that truly aligns with Anzu’s mission of putting gamers first. This collaboration represents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to create amazing, highly-viewable experiences for Zula’s growing audiences. But there’s so much more to this partnership, too. It’s no question that Covid-19 has decimated our world economy in so many ways. I feel proud that amidst this turmoil, Anzu can do our part to empower game developers like Zula to bolster their revenue from the A-level, free content they create for their loyal gamers. By offering them a way to monetize their gameplay without harming the user experience, we can play a small role in advancing their goals and rocking the gaming world!”