Ant Simulator Dev Responds To Alcohol and Stripper Allegations

Posted on by Ryan


Yesterday we reported that Ant Simulator was hereby cancelled due to claims from Eric Tereshinski that his business partners “spent the overwhelming majority of both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars and even strippers.” Now one of the developers have come forth to respond to those claims.

ETeeski LLC’s Director of Finance Tyler Monce told Game Informer that these allegations were “100 percent bullshit.” Stating…

“The picture he’s painting about that is 100 percent bullshit. I don’t know why he’s painting that picture, but the reality is that anything that was spent in a bar or restaurant was very reasonable in nature when you look at any business, including video game companies. It was part of our operating budget, it’s not anything that was excessive. It was all reported to the IRS.”

Legal action is rumored to be pending over these allegations, so everything will be made public down the line.