Analyst Says Microsoft Would “Commit Suicide” If Scorpio Is Above $399

Posted on by Ryan


Famed Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter is back again. This time he has commented on Microsoft’s highly anticipated Project Scorpio. With many wondering just how much it will cost given that the company is promising a native 4K resolution along with some very impressive specs. Pachter says that Microsoft would be “committing suicide” if the console costs more than $399. Stating to Gamingbolt

“Well, I think Microsoft would commit suicide if it was more than $399. And the problem they will face is if they launched it at $399, the PS4 Pro might discount to $349 in the same week. So I’d be really surprised if the Scorpio was more than $399.”

“I was really surprised when the Xbox One launched at $499 with Kinect, and it took them a while to unbundle Kinect and drop the price. So Microsoft has not executed well this cycle as far as pricing goes. Just as Sony executed poorly with the PS3’s pricing. So Microsoft’s playing catchup, and I’m hopeful that they don’t make the same mistake with Scorpio that they did with the Xbox One.”