Analyst: Project Scorpio To Be Unveiled At E3 2017

Posted on by Ryan


Speaking with WeWriteThings, Strategy Analytics Director of Digital Media Strategies Michael Goodman discussed his expectations of E3 2017. Goodman says he expects Project Scorpio to be unveiled along with several bits of information related to specs and capabilities. Goodman said..

“E3 2017 will be the coming out show for Project Scorpio. That’s going to be the lead headline and will be what everyone is interested in. [People will want to know] what games will be available on it, what is the launch date and price point.

“Historically, if we look at E3, that is when Microsoft announces its [biggest news]. They do not wait until Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show. Microsoft is going to be all about Scorpio. They’re going to be about Scorpio. And if you haven’t gotten the message, it’s going to be about Scorpio. I think you could rename Microsoft’s press conference as the Scorpio press conference. Everything else is going to fall by the wayside.”