AMD Releases Crimson Edition Graphics Driver

Posted on by Ryan


AMD have officially replaced Catalyst as they have released their new Crimson Edition graphics driver. This is AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and boasts fast high-speed game loading,” “smoother gaming enhancements enabled on DirectX 9 games,” “enhanced image quality for 1080p media content scaled to 4K,” and “enhanced video quality settings for 6th Generation A-Series AMD APUs.”

AMD Crimson Edition Graphics Driver has the following features…


  • Radeon Settings
  • New Install UI
  • Liquid VR
  • Asynchronous Shaders
  • Shader Cache
  • Optimized Flip Queue Size
  • Freesync™ Enhancements
  • Custom Resolution Support
  • Frame Pacing Enhancements
  • Frame Rate Target Control Enhancements
  • Updated Video Feature support for ‘Carrizo’ products
  • Power Optimization
  • Directional Scaling
  • Dynamic Contrast Update
  • DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 support