AMD Fury X Benchmarks Leaked?

Posted on by Ryan

Despite the fact that AMD’s new Fury X GPU isn’t suppose to be revealed for another week it seems like some addition information. have posted 3DMark FireStrike benchmarks for the Fury X. According to the statistics, it is on par with Nvidia’s GTX Titan X. Below are the benchmarks…


  • Fury X FireStrike Extreme: 7,878
  • Titan X FireStrike Extreme: 7,989
  • Fury X Firestrike Ultra: 3,960
  • Titan X FireStrike Ultra: 3,862

Below is the CrossFire benchmarks..

  • Fury X CF FireStrike Extreme: 13,925
  • Titan X SLI FireStrike Extreme: 13,964

Nobody knows exactly what the Fury X looks like. There are rumors that the card was water cooled while these benchmarks were done. Expect to see the official reveal sometime this week.