AMD Announces Radeon Pro SSG

Posted on by Ryan


After Nvidia announced their new Titan X, AMD has decided they would also be unveiling their new GPU called the Radeon Pro SSG.

This new graphics card features 32GB of VRAM and according to AMD will be able to hand 8K gaming at 96FPS. The most shocking part is that the card will feature a built in 1TB SSD. Raja Koduri of AMD had this to say…

“There are many possibilities with SSDs on GPUs — they can be used as cache, primary storage, or secure storage — and AMD is working with partners to discover different uses.

Movie makers, in particular, have been excited about graphics cards with integrated SSDs.”

It is worth mentioning this is very far from coming out as rumors are suggesting that a development kit will be available for $9,999 before the product is released.