All Players And Staff Of NoWeaver Leave Due To Mistreatment By Organization

Posted on by Ryan

Despite making a serious name for themselves within the past two months, Australiain Overwatch team NoWeaver have announced that all players and staff have left the organization due to mistreatment with the biggest offender being CEO Thibaut Vialle. Even going as far as to provide several images backing up their statements.

According to player Mini in a TwitLonger, the organization would force their players to sign contracts with threats that they would not receive any prize money if one was not signed. Stating:

So first off, starting with contracts, they wrote a contract for us that was basically indecipherable and illegible that clearly stated no benefits for the players/coach but themselves and threatened us to sign the contract by stating the player will not receive any prize money if they had not signed the contract. After a couple of days, the org owners further threatened us to sign the contract by “tonight”, or else they would kick those that have not signed the contract yet.

Mini also stated that players would only receive 10% of winnings while NoWeaver would pocket the other 90%.

The contract had stated that our players/coach would receive approximately 10 percent of winnings and the rest would go to the org. We had a non existent salary & sponsorships. They threatened us to not trial for other teams by expressing that they would take all our prize winnings if we had trialled without their permission.

Since these allegations surfaced, NoWeaver released a statement on Twitter and fired their CEO.