All But 1 Player Of Toronto Defiant Released

Posted on by Ryan

Out of every team within the Overwatch League the Toronto Defiant will be making the most significant changes as over the course of the day the team announced that all but one player has been released. Those players are Brady Agilities Girardi, Joo-seong RoKy Park, Harrison Kruise Pond, Seb numlocked Barton, Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson, Young-seo KariV Park, Julian BEAST Lauandos, Lane Surefour Roberts, Thomas “zYKK” Hosono, and player/coach Liam Mangachu Campbell. This leaves DPS Andreas Logix Berghmans as the sole remaining player on the squad.

Despite showing promise during the Summer Showdown, the Defiant finished the 2020 regular season in 15th place overall. This year saw lots of changes behind the scenes with both the Defiant and OverActive Media including the disbandment of their academy team Montreal Rebellion, their head coach retiring 2 months into the season, two new part owners in Mitch Marner and Naomi Kyle, and the exodus of their General Manager.