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Akiba’s Beat Introduces 8 New Characters


This weeks issue of Famtisu have revealed 8 new characters for Acquire’s upcoming action RPG Akiba’s Beat.

Below are the full list of new characters and brief descriptions..


  • Kotomi Sanada (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) – A 17 year-old, third-year high school student who doesn’t attend school. She comes from a distinguished family, and has a sarcastic and authoritative tone with everyone.
  • Reiji Shinomiya (voiced by Kenn) – A 28 year-old man searching for someone in Akihabara. He joins Asahi and company after a certain opportunity, but has a cold attitude.
  • Mizuki Aihara (voiced by Kensho Ono) – A 20 year-old college student and Asahi’s childhood friend. Compared to the free-spirited Asahi, Mizuki is the more serious and reliable type.
  • Kanon (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara) – The rumored pink-caped man that appeared in Akihabara. He contracts the peoples’ delusions and is thus called the “Delusion Contractor,” but his true identity and intentions are unknown.
  • Moe Suzumori (voiced by Yuuki Kuwahara) – An 18 year-old that works for the maid cafe. She is the popular face on the shop’s sign, and legend has it that she hasn’t taken a day off since she started working for the cafe.
  • Yukino Saionji (voiced by Hibiku Yamamura) – A 28 year-old maid who works for Kotomi. She spoils and is always doting on Kotomi.
  • Katana Saotome (voiced by Juri Kimura) – A 16 year-old Bokukko maid who works at a bar in the Akihabara side-streets. She has good style and is popular with customers, but her constant lack of confidence tends to make her nervous.
  • Akemi Extasia (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga) – A mysterious woman who runs the bar where Katana works. It’s also an information shop. She takes an interest in Asahi and company and establishes a friendly relationship with them.



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