Activision Blizzard Open To Idea Of Overwatch Movie

Posted on by Ryan


Speaking with MCVUK, Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group CEO Tim Kilpin discussed the topic of movies with their IPs. One of these is the planned Call of Duty movie. Kilpin said the movie is still planned, but the company will look over the script before the project can be green lit. Stating…

“If the script and the story isn’t right we won’t do it. It’s not one of those situations where someone is saying ‘I don’t care just get it made!’ That’s not what’s happening. We do think that if it’s done well it has the opportunity to expand the base audience, beyond the traditional foundation that the game appeals to.”

Within the same interview, Kilpin was also asked the idea of an Overwatch movie. Kilpin said that they are open to the idea. Saying..


“We’re a platform and a portfolio, these franchises exist across multiple platforms, so it’s not just the game as a driver, but it’s linear content [movies and TV] as a way to expand the audience and expand the opportunity and then esports, because pull all that together and you’re talking about franchises that are frankly like no other.”